ASA E6B Circular Flight Computer

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Brand: ASA

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  • A high-quality, simple-to-use circular flight planning computer that displays calculations in an easy-to-understand format.
  • Vinyl carrying case and instructional leaf are included.
  • 6" Diameter

The E6B Circular Flight Computer is the most efficient, accurate, and convenient manual flight computer on the market thanks to its high-quality construction and easy-to-read text. Solve multiplication, division, and unit conversion as well as for time, speed, distance, rate, fuel consumption, altitude, airspeed, air temperature, pressure altitude and more. 

On the computer's wind side, you may utilise a graphical approach to solve problems and show the solutions in an easily accessible form. Simple addition and subtraction problems can be handled on the wind side, as well as True course and ground speed, True heading and true airspeed, and off-course correction calculations.

The matte wind side of the calculator may be marked with a pencil while in use and easily cleaned to allow for problem entry. The E6B Circular Flight Computer is an excellent instrument for flight planning, flight training, or studying.